New American Rifleworx

RIFLEWORX is our custom rifle department, specializing in the AR platform, AK platform, and long range precision rifles in major calibers through .22 rimfire. We have brought together the best gunsmiths and experienced shooters to offer custom rifle builds to meet the most demanding situations.

The AR semi-auto sporting rifle is the most popular center fire rifle platform in the United States. It's available in many popular calibers and is easily customizable with thousands of accessories. Our experience tells us many rifle customers purchase an AR based on price and later realize other parts and accessories will enhance both the AR-15 rifle's performance and the shooter's experience. We can build you the ideal rifle by helping to determine your needs and uses, reviewing options, and planning the build to create the best AR for you the first time, saving you time, effort, and money from your budget that could be better used for more ammo! From budget friendly to competition ready, and also for defensive use performance, we can build the rifle you want. You can even choose the color!

Our AK custom builds feature meticulous assembly and finishing, with special attention to the trunion, rivets, and gas system. We use the best available components and use finishing materials of the highest quality and best appearance. We can provide parts, kits, and 922R components to assure your build is complete, reliable, and within the law.

RIFLEWORX also specializes in long range precision rifles built on the bolt action platform. Whether you are looking for a budget friendly rifle to get into precision shooting or looking to build the ultimate Tier 1 rig, New American Rifleworx has you covered. Contact us with your interests and we will guide you! Our custom precision rifles are match grade quality, and are guaranteed to shoot sub-moa with match ammo. We can build to suit your budget, or offer great pricing on a factory built rifle from all major brands.

New American Rifleworx also offers training in several disciplines, including long range precision for the beginner and for competition, and introduction to AR15.. We can teach you! Send us an email for more information.