New American Arms sells all major brands of modern firearms, including handguns, rifles, and shotguns. Categories include sport, defense, competition, and law enforcement. New American Arms discounts to everyone and we usually meet or beat our competitors' prices. We are authorized dealers for many manufacturers' First Responder programs. If you are LE, military (active or retired), fire fighter, EMT, etc, please inquire about special discounts.

If we don't have the gun you're looking for in stock, we will gladly order it for you. We can tell you if it's in one of our warehouses, and if it's in stock, we can usually have it in hand in 3 to 5 business days. No extra charge for special orders. Speak with a sales associate for details.

If we can't sell you the gun you're looking for, we will provide transfer service from another Federal Firearms Licensee. See our “Transfers” tab on our website for more details.

We are often able to provide hard to find guns for our customers. We will research for you!

Check out our new specials These are frequently updated so check back often.

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New American Arms is a full service NFA/Class III dealer. We not only sell silencers/suppressors, short barreled rifles/shotguns, and machine guns, we also offer full support to our customers during the application process. We have helped many customers through the paperwork and application process. Yes, Virginia, SILENCERS ARE LEGAL TO OWN!

The experienced staff at New American Arms, including our staff attorney, offer a simple, “one stop shopping” experience for anyone new to the NFA world. We can create an NFA appropriate trust specifically for you and your family, guide you on how to make the purchase, assist with completion of the application, provide fingerprinting services (if required), and verify correctness of your submission package prior to forwarding. We hold your hand all the way through! This is truly the easiest and most reliable submission process offered anywhere.

Stop by our shop in the near West End and we will be pleased to discuss the program with you.

Your car has a muffler, why doesn’t your gun have one? We offer discounts on suppressors!

First Responder Discount

New American Arms is proud to offer law enforcement, fire fighters, military, and other qualified first responder personnel special discounts in appreciation of their service. Restrictions apply.

Manufactures available include: